ISO 7185 Pascal Source code

In this section you will find several freely available programs in ISO 7185 Pascal standard form.

Pascal-s. This is a compiler interpreter for a Pascal subset

Pl/0 compiler/interpreter. The last example in the book "algorithms plus data structures equals programs", this is a compiler/interpreter for the project compiler in the book.  Not designed to be a practical language, it is, however, a full compiler example.

Prettyprinter. From "Pascal with style", this program reformats Pascal source according to a set of formatting style rules.

Basic-S. From my Classic Basic page, this is a tiny basic interpreter written in Pascal. Actually, there is a story to this program. I had written a couple of large Basic interpreters and compilers by 1980, and the first thing I liked to do with any new language I would use is to write a tiny basic in it. This included Basic itself (see the page). Anyways, after writing my first Pascal to Z80 compiler and getting it running in 1980, I of course proceeded to write a tiny basic interpreter in Pascal. So this is the first program I ever wrote for Pascal, running on a compiler I had just made, ie., the first Pascal I ever used was my own.

USUS files. The USUS was the UCSD System Users Society. They distributed both UCSD specific programs, as well as PUG (Pascal Users Group) sources, some of which were modified to UCSD language constructs. Its one of the few public caches of general Pascal programs in a form that is near to Standard Pascal.

Miscellaneous files. These are standard Pascal programs that were contributed, or found around the net.

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