Pascal documents

Here you will find various documents on Pascal, of current or historical interest.


One of the first overviews of the language Pascal, dated 1970 on the, but states July 1971 later in the document. This early version of Pascal has several differences with the 1973 Pascal. For example, it uses the term "class" for dynamic variables and uses "allloc" instead of "new".


Contains the 1972 Revised report on Pascal, written by Nicklaus Wirth. This report is still a good introduction to basic Pascal..


The 1973 revised report. This was the final version of the Pascal language designed by N. Wirth.


The functional definition of Wirth's original Pascal.


Details on code generation for the CDC 6000 series computer, the original implementation of Pascal.


The documentation for the P-machine compilers.


A series of example programs that N. Wirth created for Pascal.


The Pascal-S article. This is ETH's scan.


Revised report on Algol 60, the predecessor to Pascal.


Manual for Algol-W. This is the language that N. Wirth created as a candiate for sucessor to Algol 60. Instead, the Algol standards committee went with what became Algol 68. Algol-W was the immediate predecessor to Pascal.

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